Lost in Translation: Do We Need Arab Muslims as Translators?

Okay, so I’m not usually so unaccommodating when people ask for my help, but I was a bit put off by a recent email–well, not the email itself, that was very pleasant–that I (and I’m sure everyone signed up on Pajamasmedia) received asking that I post a post they posted (yeah, well, you know how it goes) about the five Muslim “translators” who tried to poison our soldiers at Fort Jackson.  Being that it was PJ media, I thought, woohoo! This will be great.  Their stuff usually is.  But not this time, this time they missed the mark.  Big time.

Here’s a link to the Pajamasmedia post (yes, the same one I said I wouldn’t link to, go figure), but what it says, in short is that what we have here is a very tense and difficult situation because we need (yes, they say “need”) people from Arab countries who are Muslims to come to America and learn how to be military translators.  Translation: they come here, get nice salaries, living quarters, free education, food, clothing, and a zoom-path to U. S. citizenship . . . well, if they don’t do something like try to suicide bomb a bunch of soldiers or you know, poison an entire military base.  So according to this post, we need them (yes, they really say “need”).  But gee, there’s this whole jihad complication, and it’s just not clear, can’t really tell which Muslims are the nice, cuddly kind and which are going to shoot you in the face.  Catch-22 (yes, they say that, too).

Uh huh.

Here’s an idea.  Let’s NOT bring Arab Muslims into this country to work in our military, especially (here’s a genius idea) not when the Muslims in question are all young men.  D’oh.  And while we’re at it, let’s get some of our own kids trained in Arabic . . . or bring some of the Arab Christians over who are persecuted (and killed in the streets).  Why not give them a shot at citizenship (you know, without us getting shot at for our trouble)?

When did this nutso idea that we can buy people out of their fervent, deeply-held religious convictions take over?  Seriously?  Can someone offer you enough money or “the perfect job” to deny your religious beliefs?  If you’re a Christian, what amount of money would it take for you to deny Jesus Christ?  What’s the going rate for an atheist to believe in God?  How much are you willing to sell your soul for?  That’s what we’re doing, basically, when we try to buy loyalties in-country and when we try to bribe radical Muslims with the carrot of U. S. citizenship (do you really think they even want it?).  But you say, Fuzzy, there are large Arab populations throughout the United States, people who live peacefully among us and speak out against jihad and violence.  And I say, okay, so why are we dragging young Arab men out of some foreign desert to come here again?