Steyn on the Olympics

Here we are at our bright and shiny brand-new group blog. How about some Mark Steyn to get things started:

Hugh Hewitt: Now Mark, how do you feel about the Canadian Olympics? Are you watching them?

MS: Well, I do like, I mean, I do like the winter Olympics in an entirely non-nationalistic way. I mean, I like, I like these sort of strange sports. I like the two man luge. I can’t think why anyone would invent a two man luge. I have no idea how it originated, but I can’t think, you know, presumably on top of an Alp one day in the 19th Century, two guys thought hey, this would be more fun if we went down the hill together. I have no idea how the thing got started, but I just like the idea of the two man luge, and same with the ice dancing. I love the ice dancing, because the chicks are generally hot, and then the guys in those stupid, little bolero jackets all sort of twirling about like some camp waiter after John Kerry’s decided to send back the Belgian endive, I mean, I just find the whole idea of the winter Olympics, and I especially love curling, of course, which is fantastic, because curling is, the most unfit guys at the winter Olympics are guys in their sort of late 40s, early 50s, chain-smoking guys who look they’ve been sleeping in a dumpster all week…

The curling jokes are so very easy. But still funny.

On the liberal media, their denseness, and those tea party women:

HH: Last question, CNN put out a new poll yesterday, and based on talking to 1,024 people, of whom 124 had been to a Tea Party, they announced that the Tea Parties were male, overwhelmingly conservative, upper class and rural. What do you think of basing an assessment of Tea Parties on 124 people, Mark Steyn?

MS: Yeah, that’s great polling.

HH: (laughing)

MS: I don’t know why, I think CNN is just determined to destroy itself. And it’s really beyond salvation now. And I assume they’re just kind of staggering on until eventually Larry King decides he wants to hang up his hat. The fact is you see an awful lot of women at these Tea Parties.

HH: Yup.

MS: It’s amazing to me that you spend two minutes with those crowds, and the one thing you see tons of is feisty women. There’s a lot of feisty women in that movement.

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This post was just an ice-breaker. Stay tuned for a torrent of incisive commentary.