Linda Chavez at The Washington Examiner …

Linda Chavez at The Washington Examiner makes note today of the sheer hypocrisy of Team Obama’s terrorist interrogation program.

Now, I am all for going after terrorists and killing them, if we can, before they hit us. But it is sheer hypocrisy to say that we have the right to kill a terror suspect, even a U.S. citizen, so long as we do it thousands of miles away; but if we happen to capture someone red-handed — or should I say red-underweared, in the case of would-be bomber Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab? — we have to read them their Miranda rights or at least make sure they’re not handled too roughly.

She raises some interesting points.  What, exactly, would happen if we were to actually catch Osama bin Laden?  Would we turn him over to Pakistan or bring him here to meet with attorneys?

Frightening thoughts, both.