Here We Go Again: 1,000,000 Voices to Pass Healthcare Reform

Beginning tomorrow, a coalition of progressive advocacy groups — including, Progressive Congress, SEIU, Health Care for America Now, and Democracy For America — are mobilizing members to bombard Congress with emails, calls, faxes, tweets, etc., to support passage of Health Care reform legislation. D-Day is this Wednesday, the day before the televised so-called, bi-partisan health care summit.

From the Daily Kos:

On February 24th, the day before the Presidential Healthcare Summit, we will deliver to Washington D.C. a scream they will never, ever forget.


We’ll do this via calls, faxes, Tweets, Facebook, emails, telegrams, balloon drops and carrier pigeons. Whatever. It. Takes.

On the MoveOn 1,000,000 Voices Virtual March on Washington web site, which will go live early in the morning of February 24th, you’ll be able to use their incredible tools to contact Congress and the Senate and to take the action of your choice–call, email, fax or write.

Some of you have asked about what message to deliver. The overall message is very, very simple. PASS HEALTHCARE REFORM.

The call-in effort will be to ask for these items below in the reconciliation fix, and directing these calls at the House and the Senate.

  • Inclusion of the public option
  • The Medicare buy-in
  • Fixing the excise tax
  • Getting rid of the Nebraska Cornhusker Kickback deal
  • National exchange
  • Drug re-importation
  • Drug price negotiation in Medicare part D
  • Increasing subsidies

While I think Congress has grown immune to these campaigns, especially since most minds are made up on this issue, it can’t possibly hurt to get those phones, emails and faxes fired up again to push back against this initiative.