Krauthammer on the Sham Summit and Toyota

Krauthammer on the health care summit, from tonight’s All Stars:

The event Thurday is a theatrical event…Obama is returning to theater Thursday.

On reconciliation:

We’ve never done it for a bill of this scope…however it’s not illegal.  Obama is trying this not because he wants to placate the left and show he gave it the college try…he wants to be the father of national health care…It’s about ideology and politics.

On Toyota:

You live in an industrial society where you produce a lot of products which involve life and death, cars, drugs, medical devices, and then when you hear complaints and you hear horror stories, you’ve gotta decide, is it an idiosyncratic error, one product,, one car, or is it systemic… Toyota under calculated the systemic nature of this and probably overlooked what could be an electronic issue; it assumes it’s mechanical…It looks as if Toyota is going to try to address the electronic issue.

And so it goes.