Unfit mother?

Amanda Marcotte on Mechelle Hall, the woman who held a knife to the throat of an abortion protester and later thanked her for saving her baby:

http://bit.ly/aryAd0 Convincing unstable, violent women to have children, one crazy incident at a time. Good work, antis!

Well, now. Who convinced Mechelle Hall to “have children”? She was already having one. She credits Leah Winandy with preventing her from committing the violence of ending her child’s life, which was already under way, beating heart and all. Pardon all the italics, but there’s an important distinction here that Ms. Marcotte has missed.

You wouldn’t think feminists would be in favor of labeling certain women as unfit to reproduce. But hey, let’s get Big Brother, or Sister, on that. It’s right up this Congress’s alley.

The link in the tweet is to a Salon article by Tracy Clark-Flory who questions the “myth” of pro-life conversion stories, and Abby Johnson’s in particular, without offering anything to back up that skepticism.

More on all of this from Big Blue Wave, who notes the ever-present double-standard:

Had Mechelle Hall chosen abortion, [Marcotte] would have been uber-supportive. But she chose life, so now she’s some potential child abuser. Way to be supportive of “choice”, Amanda!

Aren’t we supposed to “Trust Women”? Oh right, women are infallible except when they make decisions we disagree with.

Cassy Fiano’s take on it here. Hat tip to Dan Collins. Cross-posted here.