Thursday morning reads

Gateway Pundit: Unreal. Safe School’s Czar Given $410 Million To Promote Radical Sexual Agenda in US Schools

In other words Jennings will be using millions of taxpayer dollars to promote “inclusive schools” where LGBT themes are fully integrated across a variety of subject areas and grade levels. This may appear innocent enough until you take a closer look at the radical GLSEN agenda.

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Jennifer Rubin on the proposed billion-dollar crystal-cube-surrounded-by-a-moat embassy in London: Is That With or Without the Swans?

Now this is just, yes, just a billion dollars in a federal budget of more than a trillion. But it does suggest that the era of frugality and fiscal sobriety is not yet upon us.

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See Michelle Malkin for Mike Pence’s brief, common-sense appraisal of the summit and a photo-shop from a reader that captures the spirit of today’s event.

John Kass on Obamacare the Chicago Way:

Obama will be in his element, talking and lecturing, the law professor framing the debate. He’ll spend hours being seen as reasonable. The Republicans will balk and the president will shrug. He’ll sigh and say he tried to reason with them but they refused.

Then once the cameras are turned off, he’ll take out the baseball bat and explain how things get done The Chicago Way.

It’s all about muscle. As an acolyte of the Chicago Democratic machine, he’s seen muscle at work in Daleyland. Now he’s in the White House, and he’s going to use muscle too.

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An interesting analogy from Weasel Zippers on just how much Americans are pining for Obamacare.

MKH brings us another innocuous pro-life ad that certain people find intolerable:

The promotion for the group, Focus on the Family, features a smiling father holding his young son, next to the words “Celebrate Family. Celebrate Life.” Beneath the photo appears the message: “All I want for my son is for him to grow up knowing how to do the right thing.”

Really? That’s the message folks want to go on-record as opposing? A happy father, holding a baby, wishing to make a positive impact on the child’s life. That’s not a controversy; that’s a dream.

Those who object to this are making themselves look ridiculous.

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