I know that I’m joining the party a day late but I did have a quick observation. I thought our guys did a great job in the little time they were given. They showed up prepared, had their facts straight and I believe, made the case that ObamaCare as written directly contradicts the will of the people. The Dems relied on cheap emotional tricks, telling stories of constituents who had suffered needlessly under the cruel American free market system of health care. I know I said it earlier but the story about the woman who wore her dead sister’s teeth was just bizarre. As a southerner, I felt like the story played in to almost every negative southern stereotype going. I say almost because all it needed to complete it was a mention that the dead sister’s funeral was held in a trailer park down by the river. Odd to the nth degree.

It is what it is. Obama means to pass this thing. But that doesn’t mean that it is over. Obama is overly fond of saying, “I won.” He didn’t win yesterday. Opponents of a government takeover of health care were given plenty of ammunition. Now we need to take that ammunition and fire away.

Another thing-am I the only person who after watching yesterday’s coverage has a much, much better feeling about our Republican delegation in Congress? Good job, guys.