Blue States Spill the Most Red Ink

Neil Weinberg, Forbes. This is not a surprise to anyone who lives in a blue state. You can add to that the urban areas that dominate them are run by Dems as well. A familiar litany of excess:

Forbes’ metrics for each state included unfunded pension liabilities, changes in tax revenue, credit ratings, debt as a percentage of Gross State Product, debt per capita, growth expectations for employment and the state economy, net migrations and a “moocher ratio” that compares government employees, pension burdens and Medicaid enrollees to private-sector employment.

One of the abuses is the nexus between union construction and Democrat politicians–you might say they donate to each other with our money. This is one notorious example in Illinois–building tollway sound barrier walls brick by brick. A real work of art.

Too bad we can’t auction them off. But maybe this time we can finally vote a lot of them out.

P.S. And as we know to our cost, this is precisely the approach our President Barack Obama, blue state Dem product, took with the stimulus program–the public sector union boondoggle that hogged close to half the money, and is starving the private sector.