From the mouths of babes

#3 son (no longer a baby but a bit young for this level of cynicism), looking at the front page of the Washington Post:

Marion Barry should be a senator.



“You don’t want to be known as the person who took Mr. Barry’s due process away from him,” Barry told Gray. “You’re too good a person. I know you better than that. I love you. You’re my friend. You got caught up.”

The vote was 12-0 to censure.

[Barry] argued that Bennett’s report was “inflammatory, accusatory, drawing conclusions without fact,” and he said he did not violate the law. He urged his colleagues to refer the matter to the Board of Elections and Ethics before making any decisions. “Some people say, ‘Well, let’s just punish him anyway and see what happens,’ ” he said. “That’s not justice. That’s not due process. That’s totalitarianism. You expect that in Russia, Iran or somewhere. Not in America.”  [. . .]

Often called the “mayor for life,” Barry spoke of his legacy and the fairness in judging the entirety of his service, not just some of it. “I have no intentions of going anywhere” he said to applause. “They may take my committee chair. They can’t take my dignity.”