The GOP Establishment Needs a Wake-Up Call

We make note this morning of Evangelical donor Mark DeMoss who has written a letter to Michael Steele withdrawing his generous financial support from the Republican establishment citing the leaked PowerPoint presentation as a reason:

The depictions of President Obama, Speaker Pelosi and Majority Leader Harry Reid were shameful, immature and uncivil, at best. While I realize your office made steps to distance you from this presentation I’m afraid the presentation is representative of a culture and mindset within the Republican National Committee; consequently, I will no longer contribute to any fundraising entity of our Party—but will contribute only to individual candidates I choose to support.

I say “Bravo” to him!  As has been the case for too long, the GOP establishment just doesn’t get it when it comes to getting their message out or in backing the right candidates.

Take John Cornyn’s early endorsement of Charlie Crist in the Florida race, for example.  Boneheaded move.  Marco Rubio is far and above the kind of candidate the GOP establishment should be supporting with his conservative message.

Then the GOP establishment decided that Dede Scozzafava was the candidate to put up front in the NY-23 special election – another boneheaded move.  They don’t get much more liberal than Scozzafava.

Stacy McCain posted yesterday on John Boehner’s support for Rep. Parker Griffith in Alabama, a candidate who votes heavily with Nancy Pelosi much of the time.

Maybe the sound of DeMoss closing his very generous checkbook will begin to get the attention of Steele and the rest of the GOP leaders.  It has been said more than once that if Republicans can screw it up, they will; with amateurish moves like the distasteful PowerPoint presentation and the continued support of liberal candidates, the Republican establishment appears poised to blow a huge opportunity in the fall, and in 2012.

(H/T: Memeorandum)