Another reason to forego the Thin Mints forevermore…

And why pjToddler will never don a Girl Scouts uniform.

From today’s C-FAM (Catholic Family & Human Rights Institute) email, enlightening literature à la today’s Girl Scouts:

The brochure also tells students that national laws requiring HIV-positive people to reveal their status to their partner(s) “violate the rights of people living with HIV” and calls for advocacy to “change laws that violate your rights.”  It explains, “There are many reasons that people do not share their HIV status. … They may worry that people will find out something else they have kept secret, like they are using injecting drugs, having sex outside of a marriage or having sex with people of the same gender.”

Nice, huh?  Some secrets for adolescent girls.

The brochure–distributed by none other than Planned Parenthood at the World Association of Girl Scouts and Girl Guides “no adults” panel at the UN–also offered a plethora of getting-to-know-you-better-by-copping-a-feel tips.  Rules of polite company prohibit me from quoting, but you can read the rest here.

The ultimate goal:

Wendy Wright, president of Concerned Women of America told the Friday Fax, “Governments and NGOs should be aware of Planned Parenthood’s insidious plan to work with UN agencies and girls’ organizations in order to profit from encouraging kids to be sexually active.”

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