Another Trip Delay?

Politico reports:

Several House members interviewed by POLITICO said that Obama’s looming trip to Australia and Indonesia — while creating a natural deadline for talks — is once again becoming a problem as he tries to sell reluctant members of his own party on the bill.

This week, Obama pushed back his planned departure tomorrow for three days after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other Dems groused that he was leaving at a critical time for talks.

For the first time in eight months the president is finally getting his hands dirty, and now he’s going to hop on the plane? Please,” said a Democratic congressman, who requested anonymity.

“These deadlines are sort of silly,” the member added. “Remember the first one? March 18th? That was sort of like putting a calendar on Rahm’s back and inviting members to throw darts at him.”

Another Democrat told POLITICO that “this trip is really getting in the way of things.

It’s safe to say if this trip gets pushed back further, they’re having a much harder time than they’re letting on getting the votes. Anonymous members worried about darts in Rahmbo’s back? Interesting. The deadline appears to be moving towards Easter? This seems fitting for the party that passed the Senate bill on Christmas Eve and their savior of health care.