Nancy Pelosi’s Pro-Choice Posse

Following up on the mystery meeting, which occurred today. Will they save the day (for the Dem leaders and the president) or hang it up? TWS:

It seems like Pelosi is trying to do one of two things: persuade the pro-choice women to cave in and accept the Stupak amendment, or persuade the pro-choice women who voted “no” last time to switch their votes to “yes” in order to protect abortion-on-demand.

She apparently excluded pro-life Dem women, a short list to be sure.

…I wouldn’t count on my congresswoman Jan Schakowsky to cave–she is a rabid abortion proponent.

…Of course our answer to her–no government takeover then. These feminists always want to have it both ways. They get to do what they want, and we get to pay for what they want.

How about taking responsibility for their actions in the first place.