ObamaCare the Chicago Way

Congressmen may or not be naked, but the politics is. The whole country is watching and doesn’t like what it sees. No real bill, no real vote, but the thuggery is all too evident. John Kass, Chicago Tribune:

Not even three or four pipes full of Hopium could have convinced me that the Congress of the United States would ever start looking like the Chicago City Council.

But now, with the Chicago Way White House twisting arms for its federal health care legislation, Democrats in Congress and Chicago aldermen are beginning to share a remarkable resemblance.

They’re starting to look like fall guys.

“The Congress? They’re acting like aldermen. Like fall guys. And we know all about fall guys in the city of Chicago,” said Jim Laski, a former Chicago alderman and former federal inmate who is now a WGN radio talk show host.

Democrat congressmen “desperate to keep their fingerprints off the health care thing”. It’s the Chicago Way, and Barack Obama embraced it early on. He used hardball tactics against his mentor, Alice Palmer, a member of his own party, to force her off the ballot in his first run for office. Oh, well, he gave it his own twist, enlisting the help of his high-powered Harvard Law school friends to ensure success against this little old lady on the South Side of Chicago. Rahmbo muscled in, with Daley backing, to get his Congressional seat.

Barack Obama’s first big money man was Tony Rezko, an influence peddler and now convicted felon. The Obama Master Plan was hatched–see how it works with hospitals in Illinois. When he needed more money for his U.S. Senate campaign, he turned to Tony Rezko’s banker, Broadway Bank, run by the family of Alexi Giannoulias, whose clients included mobsters. Alexi is Illinois Treasurer and candidate for Barack’s old Senate seat. The bank is going broke and we may have to bail it out, the latest notorious client was arrested for check-kiting while trying to flee to Canada.

It’s seamy stuff and now we see the same kind of politics in the halls of the U.S. Congress. We see evidence of jobs being offered the bleepin golden Blago way, only this time it’s in the White House.

The congressmen may be the fall guys now, but if this ugly travesty of democracy passes we will all be the fall guys.