Some of them will not be able to go home again

A couple of short videos:

Sen. Tom Coburn isn’t planning to let any deal makers off the hook. Video here.

Rep. Mike Pence, also awesome, in videos here and here.

Where we stand: Michael Barone evaluates the rules vote today and finds “a reservoir of potential noes from more than the 38 Democrats needed to defeat the measure.”

Rep. John Boehner has a lot to say to Robert Costa. Excerpt:

Democratic leadership “still doesn’t have the votes” to pass their health-care bill, and that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) is “prepared to sacrifice her members, and her speakership, so that she can plant the flag of universal health care in the ground.” Boehner says this weekend will be a waiting game — “If the speaker doesn’t have 216 votes locked down, she will not go to the floor. If she’s short, she knows that there is no way she can pick up two or three votes on the floor.” On that same point, he admits that “if this comes to the floor, it’s already over…though I still don’t know how she can get there [to 216].…I’d never put myself in this box.”

“The right is mad, the middle is mad, and the left is mad,” Boehner says. “They’ve made a calculation: They know they won’t get the right or middle, so they saying to their members that they need their left, because if they lose the left, their base will sit home. The president is staying in town because he knows the left will kill him if he’s not here to help.”

Lots more about Kill the Bill efforts this weekend, repealing the monster if necessary, and consequences for “pro-life” Dems who vote yes:

“Take [Rep.] Steve Driehaus, for example,” he says. “He may be a dead man. He can’t go home to the west side of Cincinnati. The Catholics will run him out of town.”

As well they should.

*Updated to add this from P&P:

How does this sound to you, America?

The hardest hit won’t be those earning more than $250,000 a year—the group that he says needs to “pay their fair share.” Rather, it’s families whose combined annual income is around $100,000 who could be crushed under this plan.

These folks will be too “rich” to qualify for ObamaCare’s subsidies, but probably too poor to easily afford the pricey insurance that the president’s plan forces them to buy.

Many of these $100K families will be obliged to buy a policy costing an average of $14,700 for the mid-level, “silver” health plan, according to the Congressional Budget Office’s estimates. After income taxes, they’ll be spending almost a quarter of their net income for health insurance.

Hat tip: the Corner

It won’t only be the Catholics running their “representatives” out of town.