Yet another corrupt Chicago story

It’s the song that never ends:

Suspected ‘front company’ has good city hall lobbyist. Former top Daley aide Gery Chico helped Azteca win minority certification. A story of suicide and political corruption. Sun Times with the kicker at the end:

Read on. And now Americans have the song stuck in their heads too.

At least we know now in an emergency, care is there. We may be horrifed to find when we open the door to ObamaCare it’s an empty shell too.

More. Let’s hope it sticks all the way to November. Backlash in the states.

More. We’ve got fight! In Shreveport. By Carol. Fuzzy’s got fight. No Sheeples. Obi’s Sister. Making new friends with a Stupak foe. Let’s Melt the Witch. Unleashing the hounds of hell on the liberals.