Rebellion: Galt, Gandhi, MLK & the Sons of Liberty

As Jill notes below, great nations can almost without a whimper succumb to the death of dreams. America has an exceptional one. And we are not ready to let it die, and leave us defenseless to our own leviathan government and to the madmen of the word. Jeffrey Lord, The American Spectator, on how we can combat this mortal (The One is not immortal yet) threat. Here’s one historic precedent (Yes, we can talk about history too.):

The British government had, not unlike its treatment of the American colonies with the Stamp Act and Tea Tax almost two centuries earlier, imposed a salt tax on its colony of India. Mohandas Gandhi, a British-educated Indian lawyer, had returned to his homeland determined to win Indian independence. He initiated a Salt March in 1930 — literally marching across India to the Indian Ocean. There, in full view of the newsreel cameras, he knelt at ocean’s edge and began collecting seawater, letting it evaporate and thus creating salt. Making salt was an illegal activity under the British Salt Tax. His actions captured the public imagination in India and massive civil disobedience set in, with millions making salt, making the Salt Tax virtually unenforceable.

Jeffrey Lord offers some specifics. I’m sure we will have ideas of our own. ObamaCare promises a lot of taxes. With the passage of this bill, this administration and this Congress have launched an assault on America itself.  It’s a time for choosing. Together.