Breitbart Offers $10,000 Reward

Have proof that a single racial epithet was hurled at Rep. John Lewis? Andrew Breitbart is offering $10,000 of his own money for proof that the N- word was directed at Lewis just once let alone the 15 times as Lewis has claimed. Breitbart appears convinced no such evidence can be produced:

It’s time for the allegedly pristine character of Rep. John Lewis to put up or shut up. Therefore, I am offering $10,000 of my own money to provide hard evidence that the N- word was hurled at him not 15 times, as his colleague reported, but just once. Surely one of those two cameras wielded by members of his entourage will prove his point.

And surely if those cameras did not capture such abhorrence, then someone from the mainstream media — those who printed and broadcast his assertions without any reasonable questioning or investigation — must themselves surely have it on camera. Of course we already know they don’t. If they did, you’d have seen it by now.


Rep. Lewis, if you can’t do that, I’ll give him a backup plan: a lie detector test. If you provide verifiable video evidence showing that a single racist epithet was hurled as you walked among the tea partiers, or you pass a simple lie detector test, I will provide a $10K check to the United Negro College Fund.

Breitbart is correct, if proof was available we would have seen it by now many, many times. Moreover, Breitbart has challenged Lewis to prove he was telling the truth when he made his claim. A man of character would surely be willing to defend his own honor especially if a favored charity would substantially gain in the process. Will Lewis defend his honor or is he more likely to ignore Breitbart’s challenge?