Is There An Upside to ObamaCare?

I’m trying to remain optimistic following the passage of ObamaCare.  Daryl Luna at the Tenth Amendment Center gives us 5 reasons to look at the upside.

We know who our enemies are. For many, Bart Stupak and other “pro-life” Democrats were key allies in the battle to protect the rights of the unborn…his vote Sunday let any doubters know where he and his comrades stand on the issue of life.

This already has and will continue to drive the GOP toward a more conservative direction. If Lindsey Graham is opposed to government-run healthcare, it is not because he is philosophically committed to conservative governance. Rather, he opposed the bill because of public pressure and the frustration of being in the minority. That being said, I don’t care why as long as he opposes it when it comes time to act.

It has forced us to consider the issue of health care reform on a national stage once again. Healthcare reform is something that needs to be discussed. We need to head towards a no-government, market-based solution.

This could prove a valuable political tool in the midterm elections. I am hoping for true liberty candidates to have a shot at office (or at least be able to shake things up) because of the neglect of freedom carried out by our current representatives – now truly displayed by the healthcare reform debacle.

There will be a renewed emphasis on nullification and states’ rights. Our government has been out of control for well over a century. Rights have been trampled and the Constitution has been completely disregarded for far too long. States should resist this legislation, and nullification is the constitutional and proper answer.

As Luna notes, “the fight for freedom must be waged in both success – and failure.”  With the public united in its opposition to ObamaCare, I’m optimistic that we’ll win the bigger prizes this November and in 2012.