Showdown In Searchlight Rally

I’ve been covering the rally over at Nice Deb. They’re expecting over 10,000 people in the tiny town of Searchlight for what’s been dubbed “the Conservative Woodstock”. I don’t know what that means, but I’ll be posting pix and updates throughout the day.

PJTV is also covering the rally, here. Fox News Livestreaming, here.

LVTSG is also covering the rally, live:

*Crowd Size Projections Rise to Well-Above 10,000+ Supporters

Throughout the night the staff of the Tea Party Express has been on-location at the site of today’s “Showdown in Searchlight” mega tea party rally.  The staff is dispatched in teams from the entrance point back through the giant 160-acre parcel of land the rally is being held on to guide supporters who have been arriving in RV’s and cars all throughout the night.

With hundreds of RV’s and cars already arriving, organizers at the Tea Party Express are revising the projected crowd size for the rally higher – and expect more than 10,000 supporters to attend this historic event.

Supporters are coming in from every county in Nevada and every state in the nation.