ObamaCare Townhall Reaction Back Home

It begins. Some legislators are ducking them of course, but here are a few so far. The Hill:

Freshman Rep. Mark Schauer (D-Mich.), whose reelection race is considered a toss-up, held two healthcare town hall events in his district earlier this week. One of the dozen seniors in a crowd of 60 who grilled Schauer at a forum in Lansing compared the bill to buying a Gulfstream jet aircraft “and charging it to my grandchildren,” according to the Detroit Free Press.

An apt analogy.

Others have really embarrassed themselves into political oblivion. Keep your camera handy and your spirits up.

P.S. Michael Barone looks at where the stimulus money went, by congressional districts–not to the job-creating private sector. You can guess where it did go. Charged to our grandchildren.

More. Via Memeorandum, ObamaCare opposition may be increasing. And the Washington Post is bored by the President’s pitch.