I’m a Little Teed Off…

It seemed to me that those in power wanted to craft for all of us a life without impact, a life without the taste of salt.

The left doesn’t want us to have much of a legacy. We should leave no aftershock of our existence via children (overpopulation myth), via wealth (selfish when the state needs it), via exhaling (carbon footprint ahh!). It hurts to be labeled by members of the DNC as racists or bigots because we disagree. The labeling itself puts us on the defensive, having to prove our innocent hearts to a unlistening jury that has already made up its mind. How do we even begin? What ought we to do in response to all this constant name calling? We speak up. Say what we are, rather than spend time or energy on denying what we are not.

So consider this my John Hancock for the King and all his followers to see. I object to much of what my government is currently doing in my name. I am a patriot. I am also a tax payer. I Count. I Am Informed. I Am Educated. I Am Not Afraid of Who I Am. I am Not Ashamed of Who I am and I am not intimidated.

Finally, I disagree passionately with the DNC, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, the President and all the others who think I and others like me are something evil because we object. Calling me and others who disagree repulsive names does not make the accusations themselves true and I am tired of being denegrated. I have good reasons for my disagreements.

I am angry at our government for it’s mismanagement, for its overspending, for its overreaching, for its indifference to the voting public, for its demand that we do as they say and not as they do; and for telling me that my moral objections have no weight. I object to the government and its complicit allies in the press labeling of me and others with names that are unacceptable and indeffensible and inflamatory and derrogatory. I find the fact that our President does not curb his party’s appetite for slurring people like me disturbing. It smacks of petty smallness and a mean spiritedness that is indefensible in a person of leadership and power. He should know better. He should act better.

I am an American. I am a Voter. I am Republican. I am Pro Life. I am Catholic. Roar.