Obama was right about that precipice

And he’s learning the hard way what the word actually means:

A CBS News poll shows that ObamaCare’s popularity has fallen off dramatically since the day of its passage.  It appears that Americans aren’t as inclined to reward politicians for defying them as the Democrats had hoped.  The CBS News poll shows that ObamaCare is now 10 percentage points less popular than it was on the day of its passage.  On March 22, Americans opposed ObamaCare by 11 points (48 to 37 percent).  Now they oppose it by 21 points (53 to 32 percent).

And from FOXNews via Allahpundit:

[Obama’s] favorable rating’s exactly one point higher than … the IRS’s. And the IRS’s rating is several points higher than both the Democrats’ and the Republicans’ ratings.

But of course he’s above caring about those silly poll thingies.

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