At What Point DO We get the “I’m Not Selfish I’m a Tax Payer Card” from this Administration.

We will be taxed. We will get a VAT. We will get add ons by the states to make up the differences as a result of unfunded mandates and to cover the promises already made. They will fiddle with property taxes to make up the losses in revenue from lower property values; they will tack on extra nicks here and there with the gas tax and sin taxes and salt taxes (probably) and sugar taxes (probably) and fat taxes (I’d guess yes).

We will be told it is patriotic and that sensible people understand this is necessary for the greater good. So my question for all the enlightened smart sensible people is how much pain does one have to have in the wallet to qualify for legitimate gripes?

When we have to give up our way of life? (i.e. cut back on some things that make our current existence nice or better or bearable?) No, it’s okay if you have to give up a gym or a maid service because that was for rich people and selfish anyway. What if we have to move? or drop schooling? Again, those are luxuries and you do what you have to do and you still have it way better than the rest of the world. So no sympathy there. When do we qualify as having given? We must come up with means to explain how bad the taxes are that the left would understand.

When we pay to the point that we must endure 12 dollar or less wine? No. That leaves the good stuff for our betters.
When we pay to the point that we no longer shop except at thrift stores? No. They like recycling.
When we pay to the point that we no longer eat much other than Ramen noodles. No. We were too fat anyway.
When we pay to the point that we no longer wash except once a week to cut the water bill and save on soap. No. Especially No. That sort of thing saves Mother Earth.
When we pay to the point that we don’t go to get hair cuts….let’s see….bad food, poor hygeine, heavy bureacracy and no jobs, now all we need to do is learn French and we can be EuroAmerica; or Eurolite.

I know! The litmust test to prove to the left that taxes are too high. The way we can get them to really see.
When we pay so much we have to shop at (sob), Walmart.