Rosie and Huckabee square off on gay adoption

Allahpundit thought this exchange between Rosie O’Donnell and Mike Huckabee was riveting but notes Huckabee failed to make the case against gay couples adopting. Huckabee failed, in my opinion, to make the more credible argument O’Donnell was never discriminated against. She and her partner adopted three children and cut to the head of the line thanks to her wealth and celebrity. She and her partner subsequently separated leaving those children to suffer the added pain of a broken home in their lives.

There is no doubt that children do best in a stable home with both a father and a mother present.   Candice Bergen conceded the point after her famous feud with Dan Quayle.  Would Rosie concede her wealth and fame denied a heterosexual couple in a stable relationship their “right” to love a child?

HUCKABEE: Well, I certainly don’t intend to disparage you as a person.

ROSIE: It hurts. But Mike, it hurts.

HUCKABEE: And that’s not my intention, Rosie. I have great respect for you. I respect your choices. And I respect the choices that people make that aren’t my choices. I think it’s a matter of when people say that I have to somehow accept all values and all view points as the same as mine. I don’t. That’s what we have in our culture, the capacity say that we disagree.

ROSIE: Right, but you’re trying to legally discriminate against my ability to parent in your state. You’re supporting legally preventing me from the same rights as my sister, who is heterosexual.

HUCKABEE: Well, I think if what you’re asking me, do I believe that all people who adhere to a Biblical practice of one man, one woman for life, not only creating the next generation but training their replacements – that’s going to still for me be the ideal relationship.

Full audio available at Hot Air. Transcript via Mediaite