San Francisco’s Attempts to Punish Arizona Might Backfire

Because San Francisco’s political leaders view federal immigration law as “discriminatory,” they have decided to punish the state of Arizona for its failure to succeed in providing “sanctuary” to the millions crossing its borders from Mexico, including warring drug thugs who have taken over entire neighborhoods and turned Arizona into a world kidnapping capital.

Fox News is reporting that Mayor Gavin Newsom has already banned city workers from all non-essential travel to Arizona, and San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors are planning to boycott Arizona economically. Others want to cancel collegiate and professional sports events, like the Superbowl.

One question remains: Will San Francisco be willing to pay the price for its self-appointed claim on moral superiority? In one case, according to city spokeman, Tony Winnicker, if San Francisco cancels its business with an Arizona company that helps them run the city’s Jobs Now program, “we could be looking at a situation where 2,500 San Franciscans would lose their jobs.”

What? San Francisco workers could lose jobs in their attempt to kill the jobs of people in Arizona?

And what would happen if Arizona retaliated? As one San Francisco restauranteur confessed:

Would Arizona and other states that are more conservative than San Francisco retaliate, and stop sending conventions to San Francisco? Certainly, in a recession, we don’t want any retaliation.

What’s the matter,  San Francisco? You can dish it out, but you just can’t take it?

Update: And then there’s this, which I just found over at Shout First, Ask Questions Later:

But if CA decides to go through with it, then perhaps Arizona can express its outrage at California impinging upon Arizona’s right to self-governance by dialing back the taps to the energy and water supplies southern California depends on.

Update: Professor Jacobson is finding the whole boycott thing confusing.

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