How law-abiding are we?

Jonah Goldberg makes a modest proposal (I’ll let you read it), and this good point:

Forget being a throwback to the Confederacy; the sanctimony choir cries out that Arizona has rematerialized as 1940 Berlin, albeit with a drier climate. Ironic, since the requirement that legal immigrants carry their “papers” at all times was signed into law by FDR that very year.

And CNN makes a fair bid for balance with this story: Some Hispanic Americans hope law deters illegal immigration

One of the principles that keeps America unique is the rule of law–no man is above or below it. That means you have to enforce the law–or you encourage a nation of scofflaws. Laws shouldn’t be onerous or they face repeal.

There’s a lot of democracy goin’ on around here.

P.S. I’m feeling alienated, how about you?