Saturday miscellany

First things first. Check out Peter Robinson’s Uncommon Knowledge conversation with Mark  Steyn. The videos are served up in manageable portions of about 5-10 minutes a piece. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5.

Steyn’s  Saturday column: Welcome to Fascizona

You couldn’t get sanctions like these imposed at the U.N. Security Council, but then, unlike Arizona, Iran is not a universally reviled pariah.

Ain’t it the truth. Here’s  John Bolton on our refusal to take a stand on human rights at the UN:  “We shouldn’t be afraid to be isolated; we should be proud of it.”

Horror story in Pakistan: Christian barber beaten, sodomized for cutting a Muslim’s beard

“Shakeel Cheema said, ‘Now we are going to teach you a real lesson for shaving the beard of a Muslim man,” Masih said, and after a long, pained pause he related how Cheema and the seven others sodomized him. “I started bleeding and fell unconscious.”


Jeanette Pryor presents the logical feminist position on abortion. Excellent piece, but . . . good luck with that. My post here.

Video: Obama sings the praises of government: “We’ve also clearly  seen the dangers of too little government.” Aargh.

That calls for a palate cleanser. For you old fogies, try this. Whippersnappers, go here.