What If?

Via NewsBusters comes the story of Chilli, from the Hip Hop group TLC, who at the age of twenty aborted her child.  She talks about being alone and scared, about having no support and nowhere to turn.  She talks about how afterwards she cried daily for nine years. 

What if when she entered that clinic they had offered her information?  What if they had told her about the organizations in her community that would offer her support?  What if she had been informed about all the choices and opportunities that were available to her?

Yes, the support she needed should have come from friends, family and the man who fathered her child.  But even in  the absence of that support, shouldn’t someone at that clinic have said to her, “If you want to have this baby we will put you in contact with organizations who will help.”? 

That didn’t happen because Planned Parenthood isn’t about giving women “options”, Planned Parenthood is about killing unborn children.  Planned Parenthood, along with their cohorts at NOW, fight tooth and nail against any measure that would require them to provide information to pregnant women about all the choices that are available to them.  Planned Parenthood doesn’t want women informed-they want to rush women through the process while they are at their most vulnerable.

Nearly twenty years later Chilli’s guilt and pain are evident.  What if?

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