Ha Ha! Now We Can Talk About…

This is what qualifies as intellectual heft. I don’t hear the right getting their undies in a wad about Kagan’s proclivities but have a “Devout” Catholic on the Court and even though he’s been there since Reagan, that’s something to talk about and you know it’s just scary.


Asking is this normal for the Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia to have nine children? Mind you, he’s been on the court since 1986 but hey, it’s hilarious to point at the man who sits on the highest court and laugh at him and his wife for their personal witness of their faith.

If you google Antonin Scalia, you’ll find chortles from the left over the examining of he and his wife having 9 children…because such a thing makes him unfathomable to those who wish to mock a justice for his faith and family to advance their own agendas. Nice tolerance folks. Way to make us see that gosh, we should all love you for all your open-mindedness and higher understanding of what’s what.

Having 9 of my own, I can tell you, you are always hearing opening and closing arguments. You must sift through countless renditions of life to hear something of what actually happened and you have to trust your own judgement sufficiently to apply your values as you render a verdict.

But giggle giggle giggle, “it’s not normal.” Reading the responses felt like hearing twittering adolescents on a party line.

Seeing as there are only 9 in total at any time, the Supreme Court is not a Photoshop of America, it’s supposed to be the highest court with the finest minds; or doesn’t that teaching at the University of Chicago after graduating from Harvard Law Degree that he has count for something?

Oh, I forgot, all academic weight is negated by the moniker Conservative and those 9 kids according to the Liberal Handbook for allowing people to hold positions of power.  Must remember to pick one of those manifestos up….