Point Counterpoint, except when we think you’re just wrong.

Please watch this video posted by Weasel Zippers, thanks.

This needs to be exposed for the propaganda that it is.

So the word “voluntary” is a little complicated.
Not necessarily, only if you don’t like what is commonly meant by “voluntary.”

So we’re all going to be drafted but don’t worry, “it’s for the greater good.” Why is it the celebrators of diversity tolerate no dissent with their opinions?

The American people are getting tired of being told we don’t eat right, we don’t spend our money properly, we don’t share enough of our wealth and toys, we don’t think properly on matters of social import, we’re not informed enough or in the right way and that we destroy the Earth by our mere existence. We are tired of the Thought Police.

Stay informed. Watch everything. Check the White House Blog on Fridays and Read everything and get involved. It’s our only choice if we want to remain free.