America: Emasculated By An Ignorant Administration

When high-ranking officials of the United States government will not read legislation of any kind but choose instead to impetuously criticize those who are standing guard over liberty, we, as a nation are in a world of hurt.

Attorney General Eric Holder, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, and Assistant Secretary of State P. J. Crowley have sheepishly confessed to not reading the Arizona Immigration Law (SB1070). 

As the video I created will show, there are rebellious dissidents within our borders and within our institutes of higher learning who openly call Americans “frail, racist white people who want to keep us out of this country.”

If, as proponents claim, there are six billion people at the forefront of the revolutionary movement known as La Raza, then yes, we must enforce our long-established immigration laws. 

Ron Gochez menacingly warned, “There are more than forty million of our people north of the Rio Grande…there are over forty million potential revolutionaries north of the border inside the belly of the beast.  They know we are La Raza, we are professionals, we are educators, we are revolutionary students.”

How truly astonishing it is that the Mexican government and its people believe that the United States exists solely to benefit them.  How bewildering it is that this president does nothing to dissuade Calderón from arrogantly preaching to the good people of this nation or allowing Mexico’s president to regard America as its cash cow.

Mr. Obama, put your golf clubs and your community organizer mindset aside and stop emasculating the nation you purport to protect and, for God’s sake, stop being an imbecile.

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