Let’s Be China for a Day

Between Tom Friedman and Woody Allen, what’s all this love for Dictatorships?   Tom talked about wanting us to be China for a day so we can get the right things done.  


I have to ask; what would those things that one could do in just one day of pure dictatorship be?  I don’t know what Tom had in mind but the following are what I might imagine.

1) Imprison all affiliated conservative or right-wing media and the people and corporations who openly support them and Republican or conservative politicians without a trial or lawyers indefinitely.

2) Censor all media except that which exalts the state which may simply involve #1.

3) Transform all churches into hospitals or schools or state offices; and outlaw religion.

4) Mandate abortions for all and require the one child limit from this point forward. 

5) Remove excess property from all considered to be unfairly advantaged and improperly politically connected.

6) Monitor all communications and transactions and associations and eliminate all individual rights for the masses.

7) Make Congress and all legislation a mere formality of symbolic nature

8) Suspend actual elections.

9) Impose martial law and dissolve all States into the Federal Government.

10) Bring tanks to tea parties. 

Those are a few of the things one could do if one was China for the day that China would do if China was us. 

But I assume Tom is a nice guy so, I’d like some clarification; what is the good part of a dictatorship that every socialist utopia is supposed to have and none of them do that Tom wants so desperately that he dreams of it?   

And what makes him so sure that those in power, once they had the power to make things happen, whether the banning of plastic bags (which would make taking out the garbage very difficult)  or mandating everyone clean up after their dogs, (which would also be very difficult without plastic grocery bags), would be content with 24 hours? 

I’m pretty sure once they had a day, they’d want a little more time, a week, a month, a five year plan.  You know, just to make sure what they decided would stick.  I’m sure Tom wouldn’t object after all, it would be for the greater good.