The Reality Rubber Hits the Road in a Sanctuary State

Illegal injures state rep in Mass, laughs that ‘nothing is going to happen to me’

Talk about a liberal mugged by reality–I guess we’ll see what his stance his. We wish him a swift recovery.

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‘Shameful’: Rep. Kennedy Likens Arizona Law to ‘Slave Trade’

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And Andrew McCarthy, NRO, The House Divided.

P.S. I see Nice Deb was on the case too. Bread Upon the Waters bigtime.

…Chicago is a sanctuary city, Illinois de facto. We haven’t seen too much Arizona-bashing except for the liberal Highland Park school district, perhaps because people remember the subtext of the trial of our last impeached governor. A big family died in a fireball on the highway with only the parents able to free themselves. The cause–a driver with a license bought illegally. He couldn’t understand English when other truckers were trying to tell him he had a heavy part dangling dangerously from the rear of his truck.