Krauthammer: Build a fence quickly

The Corner performs a real public service by faithfully posting Krauthammer highlights from Fox News All-Stars. From  last night:

The view that this announcement by the White House of half a billion [dollars] and 1,200 National Guard is a serious effort — a serious way to show seriousness about this — is total nonsense. This is a PR stunt. It’s Lucy and the football all over again.  [. . .]

I mean, this is an obvious issue. The Democrats are unbelievably stubborn on this. If you want to really. . . use stimulus money, you don’t send a thousand Guard. You send 20,000 unemployed and you build a fence quickly. And once that’s done, let’s have an argument and a debate about legalization and all the other steps.  [. . .]

Senator [Pat] Roberts also added, after saying the president was thin-skinned, that he should take a Valium before he meets with Republicans. I’d be happy to write the prescription . . .

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