Jihadists Are Not America’s Enemy—The Bastards Are Merely Victims

John Brennan, Fearless Reader’s Deputy National Security Adviser for Counterterrorism and Homeland Security, believes that violent extremists are victims of “political, economic and social forces.”

He also feels that describing America’s enemies as “jihadists” is wrong.  Brennan argued that it would be “counterproductive” for the United States to use the term, as it would “play into the false perception” that the “murderers” leading war against the West are doing so in the name of a “holy cause”—jihad.

Mr. Brennan is an unmitigated fool.  Proof that he is a fool can be found in the words of Ayatollah Khomeini:

“Those who know nothing of Islam pretend that Islam counsels against war. Those [who say this] are witless. Islam says: Kill all the unbelievers just as they would kill you all! Does this mean that Muslims should sit back until they are devoured by [the unbelievers]? Islam says: Kill them, put them to the sword and scatter [their armies]. Islam says: Whatever good there is exists thanks to the sword and in the shadow of the sword! People cannot be made obedient except with the sword! The sword is the key to Paradise, which can be opened only for the Holy Warriors! There are hundreds of other [Quran] psalms and Hadiths urging Muslims to value war and to fight. Does all this mean that Islam is a religion that prevents men from waging war? I spit upon those foolish souls who make such a claim.”

This president is surrounded by idiots, none of which is useful.

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