Something Snapped in American Politics

I’m watching the first presidential news conference since before the Tea Party townhall meetings last August recess and I can’t contain my disgust. His arrogance and ignorance is on display once again and I’ll probably mute it soon.

Daniel Henninger‘s weekly column is called Wonder Land. There is precious little to celebrate in the country we know and love these days, but America is still there–and most of us are grimly resolved to keep it.  Today’s column:

The mood one senses out in the country is not about tidying up politics. It is instead about reforming the way this nation thinks about its purpose.

When the history of this Reform is written, the event that ignited it may be the Obama health-care plan. The year spent with that legislation caused something to snap in American politics.

A companion piece on the Op-Ed page speaks of ObamaCare’s attack on small business and Americans’ basic constitutional rights.

It’s no wonder we are upset. And engaged.