Rose-Colored Glasses Are Never Made In Bifocals

The bloom is off the rose for CNN’s senior political analyst Gloria Borger.

Borger is crestfallen over the announcement that the 40-year marriage of Al and Tipper Gore is ending.

“…the shock it sent is about us, not them. It’s about the way we perceive (and choose to perceive) what’s put in front of our eyes, especially when it comes to the political world.”

“All of which leads to President Obama. He was elected because he is cool, calm and analytical. That’s what we wanted to see after George W. Bush, so we made him president. But now the disaster in the Gulf has made many of us want to see someone else—with plenty of anger, emotion and bravado. We want him to yell at BP. We want him to loudly tell us he’s whipping the cleanup effort into shape. We can’t tell BP ourselves, so we want him to do it for us. Fair enough. But that’s not the person we elected.”

Dear woman, this gelding you say “we” made president is an illusion that came with fine print.  Fine print that nobody wanted to read—that is, nobody in the corporate-controlled media.  Americans throughout this nation did not vote for this man.  Those that did were swayed by the puff pieces endlessly spewed by idiotarians just like you.

The hallmarks of this regime’s actions and speeches seem to be to do many small but sinister things in deep background, a few large and ruinous moves using sleight of hand  in the foreground, give little details—to take no questions, and, if a question is entertained, to give no answer. Crudely put—a circle jerk.

It is because of the media’s bargain with the devil that this gelding reached the Oval Office.  It is because news readers like you, who abdicated your responsibility to be a robust Fourth Estate, that America and all that she stands for is in peril.

You should be very proud of yourself Gloria.

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