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Today at, Nicholas Johnston and John McCormick’s article has a quote from White House Senior Advisor David Axelrod that I find remarkably ludicrous:  “Our fundamental responsibility is to deal with that [the BP oil disaster] and the ongoing and multiplying effects. Ultimately, the president of the United States and the government is going to be judged on its ability to deal with that and not on stagecraft.”


Stagecraft is the only thing this regime knows.  Remember the Greek columns?  The rigged townhalls?  Hell, even the teleprompters are there to keep this gelding on message.

Now the truth is that Fearless Reader has canceled his trip to Indonesia yet again because of the Indonesian press article below.  I want you to understand that what follows is EXACTLY as it appears on the site.  I have not altered one single word; not one. [Emphasis mine.]

Ahlul Bayt News Agency ( INDONESIA—About 500 Indonesian Muslims from some Islamic organizations gathered on Wednesday (2/6/2010) protesting the visit of US President Hussein Obama in the midst of June this year.

The today’s protest alone was the fourth wave of protest against the visit of Hussein Obama scheduled to be on June 14th to 19th.

“Actually, there were about 53 Islamic organizations planning the protest, but today’s protest was only followed by half of them,” said Muhammad Mursalim of Laskar Pembela Umat (Fighters of Ummah Defender).

Centering the mass in front of the US embassy on Medan Merdeka Selatan Street of Indonesia’s capital Jakarta, they yelled slogans ‘anti-Obama’ in regards to his response on the Gaza Flotilla raid by Israel terrorist country.

Further the mass said that they would stage the protest in a series until the day Hussein Obama comes to Indonesia.

“The US is a close friend of Israel. And therefore such a protest will continue until Obama comes to Indonesia,” Mursalim added.

Munarman, spokesman of Forum Umat Islam (Islamic Ummah Forum), also claimed that the US and Israel terrorist are ‘the same.’

“America and Israel are the same,” Mr. Munarman said regarding to the orchestrator behind the inhuman fire by Israeli terrorists on Freedom Flotilla ships.

Ustadz Abu Jibril—whose son is accused with ‘fraud charge’ by Indonesian Police—further told that there is no benefit for human being, especially for the Muslim ummah, along with the coming of Obama to Indonesia.

He said that Obama came to the White House upon support from Israel, and therefore Obama will keep silent and take no real action in response to the recent raid on humanitarian activists on Gaza Freedom Flotilla.

With over 683 million adherents to Islam, Indonesia is the largest Muslim country by population and home to nearly sixteen percent of the world’s Muslims.  The Secret Service and the Indonesian police cannot protect the current occupant of the Oval Office.  That is the unvarnished truth behind the trip to Indonesia being canceled.

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