Remember When the White House Occupants Had Some Class?

While the Obama’s and their ilk continue to rain criticism and blame upon the former President Bush, this is what Laura Bush had to say in an interview:

Former first lady Laura Bush says she doesn’t think President Barack Obama should be faulted for the continuing oil spill crisis in the Gulf Coast area.

Interviewed on “Good Morning America,” Mrs. Bush said: “I think they’re doing everything they can.” She said it cannot be one person’s responsibility to solve the problem.

She went on to say this about Katrina:

In her appearance Friday, Mrs. Bush was asked about comparisons with the federal government’s slow response to Hurricane Katrina under the leadership of her husband, President George W. Bush. She declined to answer directly, but did say “there’s always a lot of finger-pointing in something like this.”

Meantime, the Obama’s were yucking it up with Paul McCartney who proceeded to insult the literary capabilities of President Bush.  I might add that the Obama’s two young daughters were witness to this despicable behavior by a guest in the White House.  Keep it classy, Obama!