Presidents Who Really Could KSA

Joaquin over at How Is That Obama Vote Working Out For You???, points out that a dude who can’t even pitch a baseball faces a credibility gap when it comes to threatening to perform an activity usually reserved for tough guys.

Joaquin has posted a list of presidents who possessed some real authority in that department. Readers might want to add their own favorites to the list.

Now, if you want to talk about Presidents that can kick ass!

George Washington–clearly
Andrew Jackson–he killed a guy in a duel. So yeah!
William Henry Harrison–yep
Zachary Taylor–for sure
Honest Abe–absolutely…if pushed
US Grant–just ask Robert E. Lee
TR–oh yeah!!
Harry Truman–bantam weight
Ike–yes sir!
JFK–maybe in his prime
LBJ–reluctantly, but yeah!
Gerald Ford–a Wolverine
Ronald Reagan–the Gipper

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