The Baroness And The Barracuda To Meet?

The Daily Mail is reporting that Sarah Palin could soon be on her way to Great Britain to meet with Baroness Margaret Thatcher.

Palin’s representatives contacted the “Iron Lady” to request a meeting “as part of a bid to enhance her claim to be the ‘heir to Ronald Reagan’ and prepare to challenge the current occupant of the Oval Office.

Lady Thatcher has agreed to see Mrs. Palin, who stood as the Republican vice-presidential candidate in 2008. A spokesman said: “We had an informal approach asking if Lady Thatcher would meet Mrs Palin if she comes to Britain and we said yes.”

The report continued, “A meeting with Margaret Thatcher would be an enormous publicity coup for Sarah Palin. Thatcher is by far the biggest political name in US politics, much bigger than Blair. Palin’s big hero is Ronald Reagan. In US Republican folklore Thatcher and Reagan brought down the Soviet Union between them. That’s why Maggie is so important.”

Jay Nordlinger writes, “Palin is what I’d call a true-blue Reaganite, a Reaganite across the board: a free-marketeer, a social conservative, and a hawk. Beautiful.”

Awesome. Simply. Awesome.

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