Deceiving The Infidels

Stephen Schwartz, writing at the Weekly Standard, informs us that Rashad Hussain has dubbed the current occupant of the Oval Office America’s “Educator-in-Chief on Islam”.

Rashad Hussain is America’s Special Envoy to the Organization for the Islamic Conference.  In his keynote speech on Wednesday, June 23, 2010, which welcomed Tariq Ramadan, Hussain congratulated Fearless Reader for sending Valerie Jarrett, a senior adviser, to last year’s annual convention of the Islamic Society of North America, a notorious front for Saudi-financed Muslim radicalism.  

Ramadan is the grandson of Hassan al-Banna, who in 1928 founded the Muslim Brotherhood. Al-Banna himself stated clearly that the Qur’an and other Islamic doctrines “summon people…to jihad, to warfare, to the armed forces, and all means of land and sea fighting.”

Hussain noted in his speech to the OIC, “that Obama has called for references to ‘Islamic terrorism’ and ‘jihadism’ to be expunged from the official vocabulary employed by his administration, and has pronounced last year’s Fort Hood massacre to be unrelated to Islam.  As the president has assured the world, terrorism is anti-Islamic and the term ‘jihad’ has been misused.  Thus Obama presumes not only to act as ‘educator’ on Islam to non-Muslim Americans, but to define the religion for its own adherents.”

“Hussain addressed his comments to an event assessing the impact of Obama’s Cairo speech.  But Hussain employed a phrase that must have been chilling to those who heard in it an echo, saying ‘Islam is a solution’ to the current global challenges emerging from Muslim ranks.  A ‘post-Cairo’ phrase indeed: ‘Islam is the solution’ is the slogan of the radical Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood.”

By refusing to name the enemy and by systematically downplaying in our Middle East diplomacy the nature of the jihadist threat, the current administration has made the problem worse.

Slaughtering fellow human beings so that adherents of the “true faith” might prevail over “enemies of God” may be acceptable for liberals searching for sociological or economic motivations for terrorists and jihadist propagandists but I learned all I ever needed to know on September 11, 2001 about the barbaric animals who cloak themselves in a seventh century warrior faith dedicated to conquest—with power, wealth, and glory accruing to conquerors.  I don’t need this president to educate me.

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