Evil Can Be Painless

A study from Britain asserting that fetuses cannot feel pain before 24 weeks, and that abortion before that time should continue to be allowed.

This is specious, IMHO.  Whether or not the poor baby feels pain isn’t what determines the morality of murdering them when they are defenceless.

Equally horrifying, this section from the BBC summary:

It also tried to define what mental and physical abnormalities could result in a “serious handicap”.
Around 1% of abortions are carried out on these grounds. Such terminations can take place after 24 weeks.
In the past, campaigners concerned about the abortion law have argued that this has been interpreted too widely to include relatively minor disabilities.
But the Royal College said in its second report that it would not be practical to try to produce a list of conditions that would constitute serious handicap because it was too difficult to predict the long-term impact of an abnormality on a child or on their family.

Achomawi Indian and child, by Edward Curtis 1923

Again, I am staggered by the banality of evil, and the missing the point.  The assumption in such reports as that one from Britain is that OF COURSE, if a disability is discovered, the parents would choose to abort, and be justified in doing so even later than 24 weeks.

Also, if only 1% of abortions are because of disabilities, what about the other 99 %?   Gender of the child?  Finances?  Convenience?  Marital problems?

I get emotional about this.  My own “accidental” third pregnancy ended in the baby dying in mid pregnancy.  To my husband’s and my great grief (I fell into a terrible depression afterwards).  We were shown the ultrasound of a perfectly formed baby that was deathly still in utero, a few weeks after we had declined prenatal testing because amnio increased the risk of miscarriage and we would not have aborted any child, even if there had been any terrible disability discovered.  When the baby died a few weeks later and we mourned so terribly, I became even more vehemently anti-abortion than before.  The idea that anyone would kill a baby!

Three months later, we were pregnant with our fourth child.  It was a difficult pregnancy, with complications and many extra ultrasounds to be sure that he was alright anyway.  He was eventually born, huge and weighing 8 pounds 10 oz, and healthy and we rejoiced.

We did not discover that he was autistic until he was seven.  It has been difficult raising a disabled child.  But we love him, and can’t imagine life without him.  Especially having lost the baby before him, we would not even have considered having amnio or of aborting him had some other “non invasive” test revealed him to have a disability.  Life is precious, not perfect.

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