Goldberg on Steyn

After Mark Steyn there is no second. But if there were, if might be Jonah Goldberg. From the Goldberg Files:

Yes, that Mark Steyn. Who, you may not know, is actually one of three identical triplets, each of them assigned a different nefarious role in their plot to overthrow the world as we know it. One of them travels through Europe constantly, “coincidentally” hailing cabs that he ends up sharing with potentates, movie stars, and 1950s singers everyone has long assumed were dead. The other writes for nearly every newspaper and magazine in the world, the perfect cover for activating sleeper agents in remote corners of the globe. Need to “turn on” the Steynian assassin in Munich? Just sneak a seemingly innocuous reference to the chorus vocals in the 1979 off-Broadway version of 42nd Street into your Sunday Deutsche Allgemeine Zeitung column. Need to notify your asset in the Congo that the CIA is coming for him? Why, just compare Mel Torme’s vocal stylings to the total fertility rate of Manchester, England. As for the last Steyn (soon to be the title of my novel), he spends his entire time expanding his Bond-villainesque headquarters in New Hampshire — and choking mallard ducks, for some reason.

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And I don’t believe that last part about the mallards.