10 Buck Fridays

In case you haven’t already heard…(a few of you are already involved):

10 Buck Fridays is a way for grassroots conservatives to fund-raise for their favorite candidates. A new poll with candidates for the week of the 27th is up, and ready to be voted on. Voting lasts from Sunday – Friday. (You can only vote once). The winner gets the $10 money bombs.  More details, here.

This week’s candidates are Star Parker (CA-37), Marco Rubio (FL-Sen), Jim Rutledge (MD-Sen), Peter Schiff (CT-Sen), Jacob Turk (MO-5), Liz Carter (GA-4), Vijay Kumar (TN-5), Anna Little (NJ-6), Allen West (FL-22), Ann Marie Buerkle (NY-25).

More about each of these candidates, plus the poll, at RightKlik

Keep in mind…the ones with the least name recognition are the ones that usually have the most fund-raising needs.

Updated TBF blogroll, via Polemcon:

If you’d like to participate, contact RightKlik.

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