Family Feud

Nancy “Knuckles” Pelosi is PO’d at White House Lap Dog “The Gibnotist”.  How delicious!

CQ Politics and Fox News are reporting that Pelosi, irked since Sunday by Gibbs’ statement on “Meet the Press”, that Democrats could lose the majority won in 2006 after twelve years out of power.

Pelosi reportedly said Gibbs’ comments were particularly damaging because they give ammunition to Republicans trying to make the case that Democrats are going to lose in November. “Someone from the White House says it, and [House Minority Whip Eric] Cantor says it, so now you have both sides saying something,” the source said. “So she was very upset.”

Republicans need thirty-nine seats to win back the majority, a threshold non-partisan analysts say is within reach. Democratic National Committee Chairman Tim Kaine said Tuesday Republicans could win twenty-eight seats, a much higher figure than he’s previously acknowledged.

A Democratic consultant, who works closely with the DCCC, said officials within the party’s fundraising ranks were worried Gibbs’ comments could dampen enthusiasm and reduce contributions from Washington’s K Street lobbyists, who might steer more money to the GOP, and grassroots activists.

The strategist described rank-and-file House Democrats as “livid.” “They feel thrown under the bus,” the strategist said.

The feud occurred a day before Obama was due to plot legislative strategy with House Democratic leaders at the White House.

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