Barofsky: Thousands of jobs needlessly killed by Obama admin

The latest installment of Obama the Giant Job Killer, via Ed Morrissey:

Last year, while the Obama administration seized two of the nation’s three main domestic auto manufacturers, it also shut down thousands of dealerships across the country, supposedly to stabilize GM and Chrysler. A new report from Neil Barofsky, the Inspector General of the TARP program, calls into question that decision. In a sharp rebuke to the White House, Barofsky says that the action needlessly cost tens of thousands of jobs and extended an already-disastrous downturn in employment:

President Obama’s auto task force pressed General Motors and Chrysler to close scores of dealerships without adequately considering the jobs that would be lost or having a firm idea of the cost savings that would be achieved, an audit of the process has concluded.

The report by Neil M. Barofsky, the special inspector general for the Troubled Asset Relief Program of the Treasury Department, said both carmakers needed to shut down some underperforming dealerships. But it questioned whether the cuts should have been made so quickly, particularly during a recession. The report, released on Sunday, estimated that tens of thousands of jobs were lost as a result.

Read the rest. The Obama administration either didn’t know or didn’t care about forcing all those people — tens of thousands — out of work. Tough luck for them; Big Brother can’t worry about the little people who find themselves in the way when he’s busy taking over the economy. Just as in the Gulf, it’s, er, well, not optimal to destroy people’s livelihoods, but them’s the breaks.

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