Confidence in Congress at new low

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Of the 16 institutions Gallup asked respondents to rate for their levels of confidence, Congress ranked dead last once again:

Note the drop in expressed confidence for the presidency over the past year while the institutions frequently targeted by the President made some gains. Confidence in the medical system received the largest gain among institutions targeted by the President and Congress.  Though big business and HMO’s are still quite low in terms of public confidence, the repeated attacks made against them in order to sell unpopular legislation could have resulted in at least some loss of confidence. Instead the Presidency, Congress and surprisingly the military take the biggest hits. Perhaps the news General McChrystal voted for Obama and naively expected a fair interview from Rolling Stone shook some confidence in the military.  Fortunately most are wise enough to see our military as our most trusted institution.

Note too, the historic expression of confidence in Congress as measured by Gallup:

Since Democrats gained control of Congress in November 2006 confidence has steadily declined.  The minor gain in 2009 is likely explained by the Hope and Change election that many believed also gave Democrats control of Congress as well.   As we now know, many Obama voters mistakenly believed Republicans were in control.   I wonder if Democrats have noticed approval is now seven points lower than the last time they lost control.

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